¡Fly Green, Fly Sansa!

  • Ecological Conscience: SANSA is a carbon-neutral airline
  • Fuel-efficiency: Similar to cars, new aircraft burn much less fuel than old aircraft. Our new fleet burns 350 pounds/hr vs. 600 pounds/hr. Other than an improvement in service, fuel efficiency was one of the main drivers for us to renew our entire fleet.
  • Zero-emissions: Since June, 2007 SANSA has been one of less than five “zero emissions airlines” in the world. Each year, SANSA renews its commitment to protect our environment for the sake of future generations. We partner with the government through FONAFIFO (National Fund of Forest Financing), an authorized vehicle, to offset flight-generated carbon emissions by protecting hectares of primary rain forest in Southern Costa Rica’s Peninsula de Osa. In addition to conserve the environment, we also help protect rare and endangered species of flora & fauna, as well as supporting local communities who rely on the eco-system for their livelihood.

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