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SANSA charter flights





1. Baggage Allowance

For flights operated in Cessna Grand Caravan: you have included 1 piece of checked baggage with a maximum weight of 30 lbs./14 kgs
and maximum dimensions of 45 inches / 114 cm. (length + height + width).

The baggage allowance may vary if you buy any of the SANSA promotions and will be subject to the policies of each fare.

If there is no space on the same flight to send your luggage‚ we will send it on the next available flight and it will only be transported to the destination airport.

SANSA is not responsible for sending luggage beyond our stations.

2. Hand Luggage

You can transport as hand luggage only one piece of luggage with a maximum weight of 10 pounds/4.5 kg and 20 inches/50 cms (length + height + width).

In addition‚ each passenger can transport in the cabin‚ under their custody and at no additional cost the following items:

- Woman's handbag.

- Reading material.

- Infant food to eat on the flight.

- Coat or blanket.

- Camera or binoculars.

- Laptop.

In case of space limitations or excess maximum weight‚ you may be asked to check your baggage.

3. Excess Baggage Charge

Any additional pieces over the included baggage are considered as excess baggage and can only be transported by paying an additional fee for this concept.

Additional pieces and those that are overweight‚ travel subject to space available on the plane.

For each additional pound‚ a charge applies according to the fare of your ticket.