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SANSA charter flights


Traveling with children and infants




Children under 2 years of age have a 100% discount on the adult rate without the right to a seat or baggage allowance.
A folding baby seat may be allowed if space in the cabin allows it.

 Infants who require a seat will pay Infant fare (restrictions apply). In this case‚ the baby carrier can be carried in the seat except during takeoff or landing‚
as long as the airline's safety requirements are met.

 All Infants must have a ticket in order to board.

 Infants under 7 days will not be boarded without a medical certificate and must indicate that they are fit to travel. Each adult may transport only one infant.

 Minors under 18 years of age must present their respective identification‚ in the case of Costa Ricans they must present their minor's ID or birth certificate
issued by the Costa Rican government in the case of minors who do not have the minor's ID.

 In the case of children under 12 years of age‚ they must travel with one of their parents‚ otherwise they must present a letter made and signed by
their parents‚ authorizing them to fly with another person.