Our Fleet

  • Fleet: Our new fleet of Cessna Grand Caravans have the best safety technology available in the market today, the safety technology we use is unique to the Costa Rican domestic market. Tools like Garmin 1000 provide our pilots with optimal data to make the right decisions for your safety.
  • Pilots: We ensure our pilots receive the best training available through a rigorous
    curriculum trained in world-class simulators in the US. In addition, our pilots receive a stringent and detailed performance evaluation. The reputation of our pilots is so high that AVIANCA’s sourcing of jet pilots in Costa Rica comes exclusively from SANSA.
  • Engines: Our aircraft’s engines are maintained at manufacturer-certified repair stations in the US or Canada.
  • Maintenance: The maintenance of our aircraft is performed by highly specialized
    mechanics from AVIANCA to ensure that our aircraft are taken care of with the same dedication, professionalism and level of detail as with jet aircraft.
  • Quality Assurance (QA): We lead the market in terms of the robustness and stringency of our QA program that includes regular detailed inspections vs. best practices available in the industry.
  • Safety Management System: Most recently, we are again taking the lead in the industryand have started the process to implement SMS (Safety Management System), the most advanced airline safety system in the world that no regional carrier worldwide has implemented yet.
  • Safety Program: Our safety program includes monthly airline level meetings that report into a monthly AVIANCA level meeting


Featuring the newest (3 years) and most comfortable (leather seats/air condition) fleet.

  • Modern: Our fleet has an average age of 3 years vs. 30 years of our competition. We received Cessna Grand Caravans (manufactured in Wichita, Kansas).
  • Comfortable: All of our aircraft have an efficient air conditioning system so that you can enjoy your flight. Our new fleet comes equipped with leather seats, so that you now will be able to relax even more comfortably.

Highest on-time performance

  • SANSA Proudly operates with the highest on-time performance of all the Domestic Airlines in Costa Rica, we have a 90% OTP average in all our flights to all our destinations.
  • That is Why all our clients get on time to their vacations or business, we guarantee quality and our clients arrive on time, fast and safely.


Our completely renovated main hub is located at Juan Santamaria International Airport

  • Close: SANSA’s hub of operations is located steps from the Juan Santamaria International
    Terminal. Just follow the clear signs once you exit the international terminal.
  • Cash-savings: The convenient location also saves you valuable cash, a roundtrip to the other airport costs $56 (Source: Taxis Unidos. Phone: 22226865).
  • Spacious: We have just completely revamped our Terminal and now provide twice as much space as before to our clients so that your journey already starts comfortably.
  • Service-oriented: Before renovating, we listened to our clients to hear which services were most useful to them. Based on your valuable feedback, we have included a full-service cafeteria, free wireless internet access and flat screens with up-to-date flight information.

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